Dining With The (Michelin) Stars

IMG_5288Well, I’m not quite sure I’ve ever actually eaten food before dining at Daniel earlier this week. Thanks to a birthday gift from the most thoughtful, generous girlfriend on the planet, I had the pleasure of experiencing Daniel Bouloud’s two Michelin Star flagship located in the heart of Manhattan.

Calling Daniel exquisite almost feels like an understatement. From the moment you step through the threshold off the city street, it’s as if you’re transported to another place. It exudes this sense of opulence that for the uninitiated, like myself, borders on being intimidating. Though at the same time, it seems welcoming. Inviting you in with its European flair.  Traditional titles are replaced with “Monsieurs” and “madame”. The entire production makes you feel special.

Our reservation was the first of the night, meaning we arrived a bit before dinner service. The dining room was kept behind closed doors while we waited in the lounge for its grand reveal. Even the simple act of the staff opening the doors felt fine tuned and rehearsed. Ushered to the outer edge of the dining room, we were seated on the same side of the table  overlooking the main dining area. It was the perfect view of the ballet like operation of a typical night at the restaurant.

IMG_5290Each staff member seems to have their designated spot, with people stationed at each corner of the room. Everyone keeps busy, keeping a constant watch on every table. For the two of us, we had the attention of five employees throughout the night. It’s not possible to feel neglected.

After having the menu options explained to us, we chose the four course meal, consisting of two dishes from the appetizer side, one from the main course, and one dessert. Everything looked
amazing. After placing our orders we were promptly treated to an amuse-bouche of herbed ricotta on a Parmesan cracker. Simple as it sounds, it set the bar for the night, leaving our jaws on the floor out of sheer astonishment at how flavorful it was. The meal IMG_5300continued with one hit after the other. A second amuse-bouche of carrots prepared three ways, and then our first real course. I started with a melon soup, a cold soup consisting of a melon blend, prawns, lemon coulis, and espelette pepper oil. The prawn was cooked “ishiyaki,” coming out sizzling on a hot stone, carved up and plated tableside. It was as much a show as it was a meal. Attention was paid to every detail. My girlfriend’s seafood salad was held back until mine was plated, at which point they were placed on our table simultaneously. Their IMG_5307service is down to a science.

Next came the gnocchi with chanterelle mushrooms, fava beans, parmesan, and lamb’s quarter and the lobster tail a la plancha. Each subsequent bite was better than the last. We didn’t even feel full till the very end of our meals due to our focusing so much on the flavors. Our main dishes, the suckling pig and Wagyu beef continued to astonish, taking us to our area of expertise, dessert.

IMG_5312Throughout our meal, as our waitress checked on us and brought us our courses, she had the chance to converse a bit. She asked us if we were celebrating anything special, to which we explained it was a birthday dinner. We also took the time to tell her we were both pastry students at The CIA, and were incredibly impressed with our meal. She took our order of the Kidavoa (Madagascar Cacao, Selim pepper chocolate sable , star anise caramel ice cream, and banana – lime confit mousse), and the Bolivie IMG_5319(chocolate dentelle, cru savage bavaroise, roasted cocoa nib, ma khan berry ice cream, and smoked Mexican vanilla – chocolate cremeux). When she arrived back at our table with our order, she presented us with a third plate of the Rhubarbe dessert, explaining that the chef wanted to give us a taste of one of their fruit options, as we had both ordered chocolate. The plate was also inscribed with a chocolate “Happy Birthday” and was adorned with a white chocolate birthday candle. It was an incredibly kind gesture and a perfect example of hospitality at its finest. At the conclusion of our meal, we were given IMG_5324an assortment of petit four, consisting of fresh madeleines, mini tarts, and chocolates as well as personalized printed birthday menus containing every item we ordered. It was a wonderful way to commemorate an exceptional meal. As we prepared to leave, our waitress approached us to let us know we should stick around, as the Maitre D’ wanted to give us a tour of the kitchen. We graciously accepted the offer and remained seated.

When he arrived, he greeted us with a handshake and asked about our education. We explained where we stood in the program as he led us to the back. Seeing a Michelin kitchen in action was an eye opening experience. It peels back the layers and lets you see where the magic lay, in the hands of the cooks. We were brought station to station, and given a rundown of their production. It was truly the perfect way to cap off an unbelievable experience.

I left the restaurant in awe. Both my dining companion and I giddily walked back to Grand Central, recounting the dreamlike night we had just had the pleasure of enjoying. It set the bar for what we could attain. This is what we are capable of. This is the standard that we have to hold ourselves to. I had never experienced anything quite like this, and I hope it won’t be the last. It was the perfect way to celebrate, and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. I eagerly await the next time I will be able to visit again.IMG_5338


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