The Contemporary Cake

IMG_5133Flavor is perceived differently by everyone. It’s one of the things that makes food so cool. In the same way art is subjective, people have different food preferences. Something that could taste terrible to one person may be another’s favorite treat.

Flavors and the way they work together were a huge component of my most recent completed course, contemporary cakes. Each class, we would build entremets (cakes consisting of numerous layers of custards, creams, cakes, and mousses.) Each layer had to work with the rest to create a unified flavor. Interestingly enough this sometimes included flavors that you would never dream of incorporating in desserts to enhance undertones in components you never knew existed.

IMG_5008One cake in particular consisted of blueberry compote, basil cremeux, and lemon mousse. The addition of basil was something I would consider relatively outside the box, but it fit perfectly with the flavor profile. When you break the cake down layer by layer, you can see these sort of flavor crossovers. By this, I mean lemon works with basil, which in turn works with blueberry. Everything in the cake works with another component making for a well-balanced dessert.

Each cake was expertly crafted with this in mind, utilizing different mousse techniques while teaching us efficient production methods to ensure a perfect product. We were also required to conceptualize our finished products in advance of class, giving us our first real opportunity to customize the design of our products.

IMG_5193The final project of our class had us create cakes of our very own, designed around an assigned flavor profile. Each cake had to have at least five layers, two of which had to be the assigned flavor. My group was assigned blueberry, which we utilized as both an insert and exterior mousse.

IMG_5195Trying to make it as interesting and varied as possible, we designed a cake consisting of puff pastry, marmalade, buttermilk cake, blueberry-lavender compote, ginger-orange cremeux, and blueberry-cream cheese mousse. We named it “Violet Bauregarde” after the character from Roald Dahl’s classic novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Much to my delight, my cake was one of the best received in the class. I (very happily) took half of it home to show off to my family. We finished off the class producing and serving desserts for the AOS graduation.

IMG_5214Contemporary cakes was a step up in intensity from the last two classes I’ve taken since coming back from externship. I feel like it really got me re-acclimated to the production environment and strengthened my flavor pairing and entremet production skills. With this class completed, I am down to the final 6 months at the CIA. It’s been an incredible journey thus far, and I can’t wait to see what it has left in store for me. Till then, I’ll be bringing it.




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