Hey There! I’m Back!

IMG_4158It’s true what they say about time seeming to move faster the older you get. My stay at The CIA still feels fresh and new, yet I’m more than halfway through, well on my way to graduating.

I’ve now completed my externship, something that’s hyped up to be one of the biggest parts of my education. Five months gone in the blink of an eye, and a week into the first class of what counts as my second “year” of school.

FullSizeRender-1In the four months I spent off campus, I can honestly say I picked up more than I did in the seven on. That’s not saying anything negative about the school, just the difference between producing in a learning environment vs. practical application. I also have to give credit where it’s due. Chef Steenman of La Tulipe Desserts, the bakery that was kind enough to take me on as an intern, is an absolute master. Equipped for every situation, he taught me as much as he could in the time I spent under his tutelage. I was able to dabble in a huge variety of pastries, chocolates, cakes, mousses, custards, and creams. I also was incredibly lucky, as I have heard from numerous others that their experiences off campus were not as positive as mine.

FullSizeRenderNow back on campus, I feel a bit like a stranger getting back into the old routine. I’ve started my Confectionery and Classical Cakes Class, making chocolate and pulled sugar showpieces. It’s new information, but the pace of a class vs. professional production is a bit jarring. I’m sure I’ll fall back into the groove, and have loads of cool things to post about. Till then, I’ll be in the bakeshops



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