More Bread

Breads is now fully under way, and we’ve fallen into our groove. Production is running smoother, and more efficient as we bake our way through crusty loaves and flakey treats.

fullsizerenderThe week started with my group producing the challah dough, which we braided into miniature (as well as much much larger)  versions of what we had done the week before. Challah is an enriched dough, meaning that in addition to the lean dough ingredients (flour, water, salt, and yeast,) there are fats and oils. In this case, the bread contains a large quantity of eggs and vegetable oil, as well as sugar and honey, all coming together to form thtat signature (and delicious) dense and doughy texture we know challah to have.

IMG_3322-1.JPG    In class we have rotating duties. Each day, one group has the responsibility of baking off the bread we produce. My group had the “pleasure” this week, which was a bit of a chaotic day. Since the bread we make goes out to the restaurants and dining halls, there is a tight deadline we have to make. That makes the oven team pretty much the most important job there is. It’s much faster paced than the rest of the class operates at, which can seem a bit jarring, especially when you’re held to knowing the proper arrangement of items in the oven without ever having baked them before. We got through it though, and will hopefully be better prepared for next week, when we have to do it again.

img_3343 We also took our work to the sweeter side of things this week, making coffee cake and pastry cream/blueberry/brioche braids. They may not be as impressive as some of the things we baked up in IPP, but they’re just as tasty.

This upcoming week will be the final week of Breads, as well as the final week of school before I leave for externship. I’m excited for both, as I head on to new ventures and delve deeper into the baking and pastry world.



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