Gluten Is Good

Easing back into the bakeshop after our winter holiday proved easier than expected, as I moved into the truly zen Breads class. Unlike IPP, which proved to be an amped up version of our Cakes and Techniques classes, Breads is almost as different and unfamiliar as Café Savory was. It is a completely different world, far away from the sugary sweet cakes and cookies.

img_3289Where we had previously relied mostly on chemical and physical leavening, bread utilizes biological leavening in the form of yeast. It’s alive and takes time, to work, setting a pace for the class that is the complete opposite of what we have previously experienced. Also different was that unlike previous classes where everyone made the same things as each other each day, our teams are on a rotating schedule of production. Each group makes a variety of different things each day that we will all have the opportunity to make by the end of the class.

IMG_3300.JPGMy group started our week off (and really ended it as well due to the shortened nature) with sour dough, soft rolls, and Danish dough. We worked in large batches, mixing, shaping, and baking off bread that eventually found its way onto the tables of the campus’s three restaurants. Although we were assigned these specific items to make, we were able to get our hands in everything, helping out other groups with items such as croissants, and delicious challah. It’s pretty much exactly like playing with play dough, only with the added benefit of being able to eat it when you’re done.

So far, I am falling in love with breads, and can’t wait to try out some of the other recipes my group will be making in the coming days.



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