Waiting And Waiting

I sit in nervous anticipation of my second skills examination. In just 24 hrs from now, I, along with 9 of my classmates, will be furiously working through our production for the first day of our two part skills examination that will take us to the end of the CIA’s Baking & Pastry fundamentals. I can’t believe how fast this first part of my culinary education has gone by. It feels like orientation was just yesterday.

I’ve spent weeks practicing, trying to perfect my speed, accuracy, and technique in img_2095preparation for this exam, and I feel confident it will go well. Similar to the last skills test, the class is being split into two sections that will each go in separate rounds. Last week, we practiced our production, which includes, the practical butter cream cake, apple strip, and crème anglaise. Unlike the last exam where we all struggled to complete the productions with a full class during the practice day, we all managed to complete it with plenty of time to spare. It just goes to show how far we’ve all come as individuals and as a single unit.

I’ve written up a timeline to help me streamline my work tomorrow, and have made sure to take stock of what tools I will need. If all goes as planned, I will pass with ease, be one step closer to the end of my first semester. Stay tuned for a full write up of skills test 2.


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