We All Scream For Ice Cream

img_1998  I am into my final two weeks of fundies classes, and we’ve run into something of a lull before the storm that is exams and showcases. Soon I will be slicing and dicing in a culinary kitchen, taking a month long break from pastry, but until then, we’re using this week to relax a bit and indulge in some frozen treats, perfect for these waning summer days.

We were given the choice of producing either img_2004raspberry or mango sorbet in addition to vanilla ice cream base. Ice cream base needs to chill overnight in the refrigerator in order to allow the proteins in it to absorb the excess fluid content. Doing this prevents crystallization when churning it. Sorbet on the other hand is mostly sugar and does not require any maturation time. Due to this, we spun the sorbet the first day of class and saved the ice cream for the second. We also used our class time to experiment with a wide variety of edible vessels to serve our ice cream in.

img_2012  Each group was assigned a vessel to practice, such as meringue, chocolate, cookie, and tuile. My group was assigned the chocolate, which we molded into little cups using a silicon dome mold. Chef informed us that after Thursday’s class, we would plate and present our ice cream for the other kitchens as art of a mini showcase.

On Thursday, we churned our ice cream, and used the extra time to practice our apple strips again. Unfortunately, we ran into some trouble as the kitchen was running a bit hot. We were unable to keep the puff dough as cold as it needed to be in order to manipulate it, leading to some difficultiesimg_2040 in assembling it. After finishing baking the strips, we separated the class in two, each taking separate shifts for the showcase. One went before dinner, while the other went after. I volunteered to be part of the first group, and we had the unfortunate experience of dealing with some learning curve. Our ice cream hadn’t had enough time to solidify in the freezer, leaving it a bit soupy. We also didn’t know about sauces we had at our disposal, leaving us minimal time to plate our desserts properly.The second group seemed to fair a bit better than us.

This week was a fun break before the rigorous skills practice coming our way next week. I’m going to be a bit sad leaving behind bakeshop 1, but I’ll enjoy every bit of time I have left there.


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